Transport services
Vadeks Transport is specialized in
organization of transport by trailer trucking
system across Europe

• Transport with "walking floor trailers"
  (transport of bulk cargo)
• Transport with temperature controlled trailers
• Transport with mega vehicles
• Transport with standard vehicles

Vadeks Transport is particularly present in
the Scandinavian Peninsula and also across

Vadeks Transport has educated and
experienced professionals serving clients on the
bases of reliability, flexibility and competence.
The educated and qualified team contributes to
finding best solutions that provide efficient and
timely movement of the cargo.
Other services
• To support the overall transport operations
Vadeks Transport is authorized distributor for
the region of IDS fuel cards by Kuwait
Petroleum, as well as cards payment of tolls
throughout  Europe from the system of Multi
Service Europe.
• To facilitate the increased transport costs
Vadeks Transport enable/mediate for VAT
refund from Europe for the primary transport
costs and other costs incurred in Europe.
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• Ferry booking for commercial vehicles on 
ferries from/to Scandinavia.
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